NUTS! This may be what many of your friends call you for taking on the great 26.2 miles but this can also help keep the essentials to mind, to be both mentally and physically ready for race day. Nutrition, Upbeat, Taper, Sleep Nutrition right before a marathon is as vital as ever, as you taper… Read More


New to running? This guide, written by experienced runner Stacey Johnson, will help get you from beginner to confident 5km runner in just six weeks. On your marks, set, go!   Races are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, so it’s good to train on at least one of these days, at the same… Read More


Using fresh, high quality ingredients, we’ve created a menu for the whole family that’s full of flavour. Welcome to our DLicious approach to a tasty, healthy and balanced diet. For a tasty midweek meal, try our Carbless Chicken Burger.    … Read More


Overdosed on chocolate and sweet treats over the Easter period? Fear not – the following 45-minute gym routine will whip you back into shape, and is a great base on which to build a focused and efficient exercise plan.   Warm up Use a foam roll or small gym ball to loosen your quads, calves, hamstrings,… Read More


Want to find a class that acts as a workout, whilst developing core muscular control, strength and flexibility? Then we’ve got just the one for you! Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates offers a technique which helps you master controlled movements and improve endurance throughout your body.… Read More