Cycling provides many benefits, whether you’re looking to simply enhance your health and fitness or improve your performance in your chosen sport.   Cycling is a great cardio workout Indoor trainers like the Wattbike are used by athletes from various sports including rugby and sailing. This is not because they’re all budding cyclists, but because… Read More


Once again the French Open is nearly upon us, the only one of the four Grand Slam tournaments still played on clay. It’s hard to imagine anyone outside the Top 5 men holding the trophy aloft at the end but anything can happen over two weeks on the slow clay of Roland Garros. Clay court… Read More


With half term and a bank holiday on the way you might be struggling for inspiration of how to keep the kids entertained, but don’t worry we’ve put together five activities that should be top of your list. We know children love watching TV and playing video games, but just one hour of TV a… Read More


Our new Vitamin kick smoothie is the perfect kick-start to your day. To create your own, follow our simple recipe below.     Method: Place all ingredients into a blender and blend. Serve and enjoy!… Read More

Post Marathon tips

You have just finished a great event and bagged a marathon under your belt. After an amazing feat like this, one would expect for the muscles to be sore.  “Why?” you ask – it’s because this is when DOMS, also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, kicks in. DOMS is described as a phenomenon muscle… Read More


Getting active as a family is the best way to make sure your children develop healthy habits that they can stick to for life. Our infographic is full of ideas on how to get your family fit and healthy, while having fun. Find out how in our infographic. Download the full PDF… Read More

What should your running pace be?

As a running beginner pacing is something you will learn to become familiar with and that is why my pacing guide is focused on how you feel, everyone has different baselines of fitness so a pace for one person may be easy but for another it can be substantially harder. Paces you train at will… Read More


By Louise Damen, cross country champion Are you preparing for an epic running challenge and need a little guidance to make sure you’re all geared up and ready for the big day? Top runner Louise Damen, gives some tips on how to face a running challenge in top form. Don’t try anything new on race… Read More


Our new chorizo, kale & goat’s cheese frittata is the perfect breakfast snack this spring. To create your own, follow our recipe below.     Method: Pan fry chorizo and add roasted red peppers and kale Add egg, making an omelette Dot with goat’s cheese and oven bake until fully cooked Garnish with kale, avocado,… Read More

Cycling at David Lloyd Leisure

If you’re enjoying the current heat wave and thinking about how to make the most of the good weather this summer, taking up cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get fit. But if you’re not ready to make the commitment quite yet and invest in all the kit, take a look… Read More